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a remarkable place, make it yours to discover 


The wildlife stars of Haddo are the beautiful Red Squirrels which live in the park all year round, although they are often easiest to see in winter. We have recently built a special viewing hide and feeding station and viewing hide in the park which is ideal for photographers and families and will make the squirrels easier to spot all year round. Where to see wildlife at Haddo.

Otter are often seen swimming across the lake, especially at dusk and dawn, and Badger, Fox, Roe Deer, Stoat and Weasel have been filmed in the park. Haddo is also famous for its roosting bats and in summer we run special Bat evenings to watch them leaving their roosts in the courtyard.

Many of the meadows at Haddo have been untouched for almost 200 years and have a unique array of wildflowers, including Northern Marsh Orchids. 

The lawns and gardens are home to the rare, spectacularly coloured Waxcap fungi, found in September and October.

Blue Tits, Robins, Bullfinch and Buzzard are common all year round. In winter Goldeneye and Goosander appear on the lake, along with Greylag Geese from Iceland, and in summer Osprey fish in the clear water. The ducks and geese on the small duck pond are almost tame and will happily take bread and grain from visitors at any time!

To download a complete list of species recorded at Haddo click the links below-

Birds    Trees, Plants and Fungi    Mammals, Amphibians, Fish, Butterflies, Dragonflies and Other Invertebrates

A lot of the wildlife at Haddo has become used to people and dogs and, if you wait patiently enough, will often approach quite closely. Some of the wildlife however can be easily disturbed, especially in spring when birds are nesting so please keep dogs under control and do not follow birds or squirrels if they move away from you.