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  • On Your Bike...

    15 Sep 2016

    News of a new way to get to Haddo and three days of inspirational theatre for visitors this week...

  • Riding High at Haddo

    7 Sep 2016

    A wonderful week of sunshine at Haddo for Riding for the Disabled around the Park, volunteers in the Wildlife Garden and Carpenters Cottage Garden and late summer visitors from near and far to see the House and Park including some from as far away as Sydney, Australia.

  • Late Summer Pleasures

    2 Sep 2016

    The late summer sunshine this week has come as a blessing after all the rain and wind of July and August.  Last weekend the sun shone for both the Carpenters Cottage Garden Open Day on Saturday and the first of our Playtime sessions on Sunday.  It is still a wonderful time to visit Haddo - the House is open Sunday-Tuesday until the end of September and the Country Park is still full of colour before Autumn arrives.

  • Ready, Set, Play!

    24 Aug 2016

    Fire up the kids' imagination and get some garden inspiration at Haddo this weekend.

  • Holidays at Haddo

    11 Aug 2016

    We've all been thinking a bit about summer fun and holidays this week at Haddo...

  • Wild Woodcraft

    4 Aug 2016

    Not even the thunder and lighting stopped us getting out and about in the woods at Haddo this week...

  • Into The Green

    27 Jul 2016

    Green Flags, green emeralds and green recycling at Haddo this week!

  • Wildflower or weed?

    21 Jul 2016

    What's in a name?

  • Perfect Blue

    14 Jul 2016

    Very tempting to just fill the blog with nothing but pictures of butterflies this week, but we've got loads of events to tell you about as well...

  • Summer Fun and Doggie Delights

    7 Jul 2016

    School summer holidays have started and we have lots of exciting events coming up for children and adults.

  • Festival Season

    30 Jun 2016

    Not quite Glastonbury, but we've been all about Festivals at Haddo this week.

  • Wildlife and Wild Weather

    23 Jun 2016

    Energetica walking and wildlife festival has been celebrated at Haddo with two Bat Watches and two puffin walks at Bullers of Buchan.  Summer this year is full of hiccups, sunny days interrupted by rain and wind.   We also welcomed the Great Global Greyhound Walk to the Park last Sunday.

  • Nice Weather For...

    16 Jun 2016

    It's been a good week for ducks, herons and Dippers at Haddo but perhaps not for much else!

  • Visions of the Future

    9 Jun 2016

    A look ahead to the promise of summer and art, music and photography news for the autumn...

  • Swimming Free

    2 Jun 2016

    This week we're waving goodbye to our young salmon fry as they swim off to a new life out in the wild...