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Tales of the Picts

Date: 16th November 2017
Time: 7.00pm - 9.00pm
Price: £7 per person

The east of Scotland is known for its Pictish symbol stones but little is known of this people’s history and heroic stories. 

Here are three bardic tales, two historical, one legendary; Y Gododdin – adapted from the bard Aneirin’s epic late C6th poem, this tale tells of Mynyddawg the Wealthy’s ill-fated expedition from Din Eidyn (Edinburgh) to Catraeth (Catterick); Dunnichen Moss A.D. 685 - one of the best documented battles of the period, where King Bridei of the Picts defeats, by cunning as well as courage, the mighty King Ecgfrith of Northumbria; Maelbrigte Buck-tooth – a mormaer from Moray is up against the crafty and wily Earl Sigurd of Orkney, a tale that has only survived through the Norse ‘Orkneyingasaga’. 

Adults only, not suitable for children. Join us around the fire for an evening of storytelling. Hot drinks will be provided. Please bring plenty of warm clothes and something to sit on.

Please email svsohaddo@gmail.com to book.